Unlock Next-Level Glow with Cruzan Cosmetics Platinum Illuminator

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Achieve Show-stopping Radiance
  • Multidimensional Light Reflecting Pigments
  • Impossibly Smooth, Lightweight Texture
  • Lights Up All Facial Features
  • Create Flattering Spotlight, Strobe and Beam Effects
  • Adds Dimensions to Eyes, Cheeks & Body
  • Suitable for All Skin Tones
  • Long-lasting, Transfer-proof Luminosity
  • Easy, Foolproof Application
  • Feel Confident and Spotlight-ready


Chasing the perfect lit-from-within glow can feel elusive. Shimmery highlighters look overdone, subtle illuminators fade fast, and achieving natural-looking luminosity seems impossible. But what if there was an illuminator that imparted immediate radiance without glitter or shimmer? A formula that smooths onto skin seamlessly, wears for hours, and makes you look spotlight ready in seconds?

Look no further than the Cruzan Cosmetics Non-Toxic Platinum Illuminator - an innovative highlighting hybrid that imparts show-stopping luminosity without ever looking overdone. Keep reading to discover how this first-of-its-kind illuminator makes you look instantly radiant.

Achieve Show-stopping Radiance

Forget striving for subtle, understated glow - the Platinum Illuminator is formulated for spotlight-stealing radiance guaranteed to mesmerize.

One quick sweep blankets skin in opulent luminosity. Light bounces off cheekbones, creates dimensional contours, and spotlights your finest features. A gorgeous lit-from-within quality emanates from within that looks like your natural luminosity turned up to 11.

Have you ever wanted that striking glow celebrities have on magazine covers and the red carpet? The Platinum Illuminator delivers that show-stopping, head-turning level of radiance instantly. Get ready to glow like never before!

Multidimensional Light Reflecting Pigments

Conventional highlighters rely on chunky glitter particles that look obvious atop skin. But the Platinum Illuminator achieves its multidimensional glow via an ingenious blend of ultra-refined pearl pigments.

Expertly calibrated spheres of various sizes and densities reflect and refract light from every angle. This creates a multidimensional sheen that looks lit from within. Unlike glitter highlighters, light bounces off the spheres smoothly to mimic and enhance natural luminosity.

The effect is immediate radiance without any glitter particles. Just pure, polished glow perfected.

Impossibly Smooth, Lightweight Texture

Many illuminators feel heavy, almost greasy atop skin. But the Platinum formula imparts weightless luminosity. Special lightweight emollients and moisture-binding esters impart a silky texture that feels like nothing on skin.

Platinum Illuminator

The spheres of pearl glide over skin seamlessly, filling in pores and texture for a filtered, perfected look. The formula hugs curves for dimensional glow without accentuating imperfections.

Forget thick, greasy highlighters - the Platinum Illuminator perfects glow with an impossibly lightweight, silky texture. Luminosity never looked or felt so light!

Lights Up All Facial Features

Accentuate your finest features by enhancing their natural contours. Glide Platinum Illuminator along cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and brow bones for flattering spotlight effects.

Use on collarbones and shoulders for gorgeous glow peeking through necklines. Even apply to legs for radiance through slits and sheers!

Wherever you glide platinum pigments, the formula clings to accentuate and amplify. Let the Platinum Illuminator spotlight your unique beauty.

Create Flattering Spotlight, Strobe and Beam Effects

Mix up your glow by using different application techniques:

Spotlighting - Dust lightly over high points of cheekbones for natural enhancement.

Strobing - Sweep in vertical strokes down cheekbones for defined illumination.

Beaming - Apply heavily from temples to tops of cheekbones for ultra-intense glow.

The buildable Platinum formula lets you customize glow intensity - from soft spotlight to beaming radiance. Play with techniques to achieve your perfect illuminated look.

Adds Dimensions to Eyes, Cheeks and Body

Don’t reserve the Platinum Illuminator solely for facial highlighting. Take your glow further by enhancing eyes, cheeks and body:

Eyes: Pat across eyelids for wide-eyed brightness. Inner corners also benefit from quick highlighting.

Cheeks: Mix with blush or foundation for all-over luminosity. Adds glow to contouring/bronzing.

Body: Illuminate collarbones, shoulder tops and legs peeking through slits or sheer fabric.

Let platinum pigments amplify your natural beauty everywhere - face, eyes, cheeks, body and beyond. There’s no limit to the glow you can achieve!

Suitable for All Skin Tones

The Platinum Illuminator’s ultra-refined pearl pigments contain no undertones. This makes the illuminator flattering on all skin tones - from fairest to deepest.

The multidimensional spheres refract an array of flattering light wavelengths to complement any complexion. Adjust application - light for fair to deep skin, heavy for medium to rich skin.

Unlike many highlighters with stark pigments unflattering to deeper complexions, Platinum was formulated to be universally luminous. Unlock radiance no matter your skin tone!

Long-Lasting, Transfer-Proof Luminosity

What good is gorgeous glow if it quickly fades, transfers or smears away? Platinum Illuminator delivers light-reflecting radiance that lasts for up to 12 hours.

Ultra-refined pearl spheres bind securely to skin instead of sitting on the surface. Silky polymers reinforce adhesion for extended, crease and transfer-resistant wear.

The illuminator maintains its intense luminosity without fading, moving or smearing. Apply once and glow all day long with no touch ups required. Party, dance, even exercise - platinum pigments stay put.

Easy, Foolproof Application

Achieving gorgeous, strobed glow shouldn’t require makeup artist-level skills. The Platinum Illuminator keeps application utterly foolproof.

The brand’s signature faceted crystal applicator buffs product into skin seamlessly. The rounded shape hugs facial contours, making application quick and easy.

The formula also feels weightless on skin and blends in seconds. Simply glide on, blend with fingertips and enjoy immediate radiance. No harsh lines or texture - just perfect illumination every time.

Even makeup novice will look like highlighting experts with Platinum’s easy application. Flawless, enviable glow is finally achievable for all!

Feel Confident and Spotlight-Ready

Radiant, strobed skin has a captivating power that instantly boosts confidence. With the Platinum Illuminator in your beauty arsenal, you’ll always feel ready for the spotlight.

Stand a little taller knowing your glow commands attention anywhere. Let your boldest looks shine knowing platinum pigments will stay in place for hours. Feel empowered by your ability to control and enhance your natural beauty.

Make show-stopping glow easy everyday. Allow the Platinum Illuminator to unleash your most confident, luminous self yet. You’re going to shine so bright!

Achieve head-turning glow instantly - order the Cruzan Cosmetics Plantbased Platinum Illuminator today to light up your complexion with revolutionary lightweight, transfer-proof radiance. Get ready to shine brighter than ever before!

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