Tired of dry, flaky liquid lipsticks that crack and fade? Cruzan Cosmetics' Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick gives you saturating color minus the common issues. It glides on slick and dries down to an even, transfer-proof matte finish that actually lasts. But unlike conventional liquid lipsticks, Heartbeat nourishes lips with botanicals and vitamins. Its natural formula provides a smooth, comfortable wear that's vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. Read on to see why this liquid  lipstick is a cut above the rest.

Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick checks all the boxes. The lightweight, non-drying formula gives you intense color payoff in one coat. It applies evenly and seamlessly thanks to moisture-locking botanicals like aloe leaf juice and sunflower oil. Once dried down, it stays put without bleeding or feathering. Your pout stays polished and perfect for hours. But it still feels pleasantly soft and flexible, never tight or flaky. Vitamin E and calendula oil help protect your lips' delicate skin. With its intense pigment and forgiving comfort, Heartbeat makes vibrant lip looks easy. Choose from 15 shades ranging from everyday nudes to daring vampy shades. Make a statement without harmful ingredients. Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick is Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and vegan. It's also EWG Verified, GMO-free, and MadeSafe. Empower your inner artist to create bold lip looks that align with your ethics. Let your values shine through your makeup.

Get show-stopping color and unbelievable comfort with Cruzan Cosmetics' Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick. Made from botanicals, it goes on slick and dries down matte for perfect wear that nourishes lips. Shop now [https://cruzancosmetics.com/products/heartbeat] to make a vibrant, ethical statement with your lip look.

  • The Allure of Liquid Lipstick
  • Why Most Conventional Liquid Lipsticks Fall Short
  • Heartbeat's Skin-Loving Botanical Formula
  • Vibrant, Non-Toxic Color Payoff
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan Ingredients
  • Flattering Shades for Every Occasion
  • Heartbeat's Standout Comfort
  • Make a Bold Yet Ethical Lip Statement

The Allure of Liquid Lipstick 

Liquid lipstick has become a makeup bag staple thanks to its concentrated color payoff and perfect staying power. Unlike traditional bullet lipstick, liquid lipstick delivers rich, opaque color that dries down completely matte and transfer-proof. It enables flawless wears that last for hours without smudging or fading. But most conventional liquid lipstick formulas have major downsides, like intense dryness, that prevent comfortable all-day wear.

Cruzan Cosmetics recognizes the need for liquid lips that nourish and flatter. Their solution? The new Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick. Read on to see why it beats out the competition.

Why Most Conventional Liquid Lipsticks Fall Short 

Many big-name liquid lipsticks flake, crack, and feel tight within just a few hours of wear. This is because they are loaded with drying waxes and polymers to achieve extreme matte finish.

They also often contain irritants like synthetic fragrances and preservatives such as parabens and BHT. These can cause chapped, irritated lips with repeated use.

To top it off, most conventional liquid lip brands test on animals and use non-vegan ingredients. Their questionable ethics make enjoying bold lips a lot less fun.

Heartbeat's Skin-Loving Botanical Formula 

Right from the first velvety swipe, you can tell Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick is different. Its botanically infused formula provides intense color that dries down without drying out your lips.

Key ingredients include:

  • Aloe leaf juice: Deeply hydrating with vitamins and minerals. Soothes inflammation.
  • Sunflower oil: Softens and moisturizes lips while slowing moisture loss.
  • Calendula oil: Anti-inflammatory and healing. Helps lips retain elasticity.
  • Vitamin E: Softens fine lines and prevents free radical damage.

By relying on botanicals instead of synthetic chemicals, Heartbeat keeps your lips comfortable and nourished.

Vibrant, Non-Toxic Color Payoff 

Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick achieves opaque, saturated color through only safe, vegan pigments.

Mineral pigments like iron oxides and titanium dioxide provide rich hues. Fruit and vegetable extracts like purple carrot and hibiscus flower infuse lips with antioxidants.

You get vibrant lip looks minus any synthetic FD&C dyes, carmine, or nano-particle pigments.

Heartbeat's thoughtful formulas prove you don't need toxins for stunning color.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Ingredients 

Like all Cruzan Cosmetics products, Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick is Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. It is also certified vegan by PETA, meaning it contains zero animal ingredients or byproducts.

You can feel good knowing Heartbeat's vibrant color comes from plants. No animals were harmed through testing or use of animal-derived ingredients.

Flattering Shades For Every Occasion 

With 15 shades ranging from nudes to berries to bold corals, Cruzan makes it easy to find your perfect liquid lip match.

Versatile neutrals like Au Naturel, Silk Slip, and Blush let you enhance your natural lip tone. Pinky mauves like Daydream and Crush add flirty pop. Rich wines like Cabernet and Marsala make for vampy evening statement lips.

With so many options, you can switch up your lip look daily while keeping your lips nourished.

Heartbeat’s Standout Comfort 

What really makes Heartbeat stand apart is its uniquely comfortable feel. Unlike most liquid lipsticks, it glides on slick and sets without dragging or tugging.

The thin, flexible formula hugs every curve and ridge on your lips seamlessly. It wears evenly without sinking into lines or accentuating dry patches.

Heartbeat lasts for hours with no smudging, bleeding, or fading. Yet it somehow avoids that tight, dry feeling of most liquid lipsticks. Lips stay supple and moisturized thanks to the nourishing botanicals.

You finally get perfect matte color with non-stop comfort.

Make a Bold Yet Ethical Lip Statement

Cruzan Cosmetics makes it possible to achieve flawless liquid lipstick looks that are gentle on your lips and ethics.

Their botanical-infused Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick formula imparts opaque, vibrant color that lasts comfortably. It adheres to Cruzan’s commitment of providing non-toxic beauty that nourishes skin and spreads joy.

Experience liquid lipstick without compromise. Make a vibrant statement while caring for your lips with Heartbeat.

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