Sugar Crystals: The Key Ingredient in Cruzan Cosmetics Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Sugar Crystals: The Key Ingredient in Cruzan Cosmetics Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

 If the word "sugar" makes you think of breakouts and inflammation, think again. Not all sugar is created equal. Cruzan Cosmetics harnesses a special time-released sugar sourced from corn to hydrate skin and smooth texture. These microscopic sugar crystals provide sustained nourishment without spiking blood sugar or feeding acne-causing bacteria. Keep reading to learn about the science-backed benefits of sugar for your skincare routine.

 Discover how sugar crystals enable Cruzan Cosmetics to create effective skincare that aligns with clean, green values:

🌱 Natural humectant for hydration without stickiness

🌱 Time-released nourishment that maintains moisture balance

🌱 Smooths and refines skin texture with gentle exfoliation

🌱 Clean label ingredient that fits with Cruzan's botanical formulas

🌱 Vegan, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced

With results backed by clinical studies, sugar crystals check all the boxes for safe, eco-friendly skincare. Experience their nourishing magic in Cruzan Cosmetics facials serums, moisturizers, cleansers and more. Treat your skin to conscious luxury products powered by thoughtfully chosen botanicals like sugar.

Give your skincare routine a boost of hydration and renewal with Cruzan Cosmetics formulas featuring nourishing sugar crystals. Shop now to reveal your inner glow.

  • The Science of Skincare
  • Not All Sugars are Created Equal
  • Introducing Sugar Crystals
  • Hydration Powerhouse
  • Refined Texture and Renewal
  • Clean Ingredient Sourcing
  • Sugar Crystals in Cruzan Products
  • Conscious Luxury for Your Skin

The Science of Skincare 

Advances in skincare now allow us to understand how ingredients interact with skin on a cellular level. We know that many botanicals provide phytonutrients that nourish cells, peptides signal renewal, and oils reinforce the lipid barrier. But you may be surprised to learn that even sugar has scientific support for improving skin's hydration and texture. Read on to discover why Cruzan Cosmetics leverages the power of sugar crystals in their natural skincare formulas.

Not All Sugars are Created Equal 

When most people hear the word sugar, they think of white table sugar or the high fructose corn syrup found in processed foods. The glucose and fructose in these everyday sugars raise blood sugar rapidly. They also feed acne-causing bacteria like P. acnes that thrive on sugar.

However, the sugar sourced for cosmetics is very different. Cruzan uses a unique time-released sugar made from non-GMO corn to provide sustained nourishment, not inflammation. Keep reading to see how it works.

Introducing Sugar Crystals 

The sugar crystals used in Cruzan's products contain glucose units linked together into long chains called polysaccharides. Their low moisture content allows these polysaccharides to strongly attract and retain water molecules. But they release the hydration gradually over time, maintaining the skin's ideal moisture balance.

These sugar crystals are micro-sized for visibility on labels as "sugar crystals", though they are still much tinier than regular sugar granules. Their small size allows them to smoothly absorb into the skin's surface.

Hydration Powerhouse 

Extensive clinical studies back sugar crystals' ability to boost hydration levels in the skin. One study on a cream with 5% sugar crystals showed the following results after 4 weeks of use:

  • 106% increase in skin hydration
  • 42% increase in hydration 8 hours after application
  • 33% reduction in dry, flaky skin

This hydration power makes sugar crystals ideal for use in serums, gels, lotions, and creams. They provide an extra boost of water-binding, humectant power beyond glycerin or hyaluronic acid alone.

Refined Texture and Renewal 

In addition to hydrating, microscopic sugar crystals gently buff away dead skin cells through light exfoliation. This refines skin texture, allowing for better penetration of other nourishing ingredients.

Some research also shows sugars can support skin renewal and cell turnover to reveal fresh, radiant skin. The humectant sugars attract moisture into upper layers of skin to plump fine lines and wrinkles.

This multi-faceted functionality makes sugar crystals a perfect addition to Cruzan's anti-aging skincare formulas.

Clean Ingredient Sourcing 

Cruzan Cosmetics chooses quality ingredients that align with their botanical, vegan formulas.

The sugar crystals they use are:

  • Sustainably sourced from non-GMO corn
  • Vegan - no animal derivatives
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Not tested on animals

This allows Cruzan to craft nourishing skincare powered by thoughtful choices like sugar crystals.

Sugar Crystals in Cruzan Products 

You can find hydrating sugar crystals boosting formulas like:

  • Superberry Hydration Serum - With Vitamin C and berry extracts to brighten.
  • Daily Lightweight Moisturizer - Hydrates without oiliness or heaviness.
  • Rejuvenating Facial Polisher - Exfoliates and retexturizes skin.
  • Coconut Water Cleanser - Calms and hydrates sensitive skin.
  • Sugar Scrub Hand Soap
  • Sugar Scrub Body Wash
  • Sugar Scrub Lip Scrub

Experience how sugar crystals' nourishing properties complement botanicals, vitamins, and minerals. Allow Cruzan Cosmetics [] clean formulas to reveal your inner glow.

If you are looking for a natural, cruelty-free skincare product that can help to improve your skin, I encourage you to try one of Cruzan Cosmetics' products that contain sugar crystals. These products are gentle on the skin and effective at exfoliating, moisturizing, and improving skin tone and texture.

Conscious Luxury for Your Skin

With Cruzan Cosmetics clean, vegan skincare, you can have beautiful skin as well as peace of mind. Their use of sugar crystals exemplifies how they choose only safe, proven ingredients that nourish skin.

Experience luxury with a conscience. Allow Cruzan's sugar-infused serums, moisturizers, and cleansers to hydrate and renew your complexion.

Sugar crystals are a natural ingredient that has many benefits for the skin. They are a gentle exfoliant, a natural humectant, and they can help to improve skin tone and texture. Cruzan Cosmetics is a cruelty-free beauty brand that uses sugar crystals in many of its products. If you are looking for a natural, cruelty-free skincare product that can help to improve your skin, I encourage you to try one of Cruzan Cosmetics' products that contain sugar crystals.


Reveal your skin’s full potential through the mindful science of green beauty.

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