The Future of Beauty is Here with our Organic Spaced Out Eyeshadow

The Future of Beauty is Here with our Organic Spaced Out Eyeshadow

Explore Infinite Galaxies of Eye Looks with the Cruzan Cosmetics Spaced Palette

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Universe of Possibilities in Your Hands
  • Opulent Out-Of-This-World Pigment
  • Silky, Blendable Texture That Performs
  • Harmonious Shadows Made for Mixing
  • Build Depth, Dimension and Intrigue
  • Achieve Both Bold and Wearable Looks
  • Complimentary Palette for All Eye Colors
  • Long-Lasting, Crease and Fade-Resistant
  • Made Simple with Step-By-Step Looks
  • Feel Empowered to Explore Creativity


Eyeshadow palettes should inspire infinite creativity, not inhibit it. Yet so often, lackluster pigments require laborious layering just to show up. Chalky matte textures grip eye lids rather than blend. Muddy undertones fizzle when combined. And fallout tarnishes cheekbones when application falls short.

But what if an eyeshadow palette empowered you to achieve any artistic eye look imaginable - bold, wearable, edgy, soft - with richly concentrated color that glides on lids as smooth as silk? A curated mix of harmonious textures and tones made to work together flawlessly? And foolproof application that makes blending easy, not arduous?

The Cruzan Cosmetics organic Spaced Palette delivers this eyeshadow wish fulfillment and more. Unleash limitless eye looks that make your eyes the mesmerizing focal point they deserve to be. The cosmic possibilities await – let’s explore!

A Universe of Possibilities in Your Hands

The Spaced Palette houses 12 intergalactic-inspired shades that transport creativity to wondrous new dimensions. Just gazing upon the gorgeous galaxy of hues sparks inspiration for ornamenting your eyes in infinite ways.

Like staring out at the cosmos and dreaming up constellations, the palette’s stunning selection of shimmers, metallics, and smooth mattes invites you to connect colors in artful ways unique to your self-expression.

Holding the well-appointed palette in hand imbues a sense of wonder and anticipation. Which captivating eye look will you create today among the boundless options? The universe is your oyster – where will your imagination wander?

Opulent Out-Of-This World Pigment

Vibrant, opaque pigment lays the crucial foundation for any stunning eye look. But lackluster palettes require laborious layers atop layers just to manifest middling color.

Not so with the Spaced Palette - each press of silky powder delivers intense, saturated color instantly. The proprietary formula, perfected after years of research, imparts unbelievingly rich chroma in a single swipe.

Indulge in a dozen dazzling shades, from regal emeralds to fiery rubies to opaline purples. The vegan  palette’s mix of finishes spans ultra-shimmer dimensional metallics, multi-reflective glitters, and ultra-refined matte pigments. Each supplies incredible opaque color payoff.

Bring eye looks to vivid life by playing with dimension, depth and light reflection achieved through the Spaced Palette’s spectacular concentrated pigments.

Silky, Blendable Texture That Performs

Even the most vibrant pigments fall flat without a superior texture that applies and layers smoothly. Chalky, patchy formulas turn blending into a muddy, unblendable mess.

Not so with the Spaced Palette’s proprietary formula. These shadows impart rich chroma upon application, yet maintain a lightweight, silky texture.

Each swipe of the creamy powder layers evenly without fallout. The soft, blendable consistency allows colors to fuse together seamlessly. No harsh lines - just gorgeously gradients and ombre diffusion.

Experience effortless blending that follows your artistic impulses, rather than fighting unblendable pigments. The possibilities open up exponentially thanks to these superior, refined textures.

Harmonious Shadows Made for Mixing

A cohesive color story makes collaborating shades rewarding instead of muddying your vision. The Spaced Palette completes the artistic eye look puzzle with carefully chosen harmonious hues.

buy best all natural, cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, plantbased & organic eyeshadow

Soft dusty rosettes combine with rich chocolates and inky blacks to create countless naturally flattering neutral looks on all eye colors. Accent with galactic berries, emerald greens and cobalt blues for mesmerizing pops of color.

Every option complements and intensifies the others. Lean into more feminine or edgy aesthetics by playing with color mixing and placement. Eclipse ordinary palettes with Spaced's harmonious hues made for blending beautifully.

Build Depth, Dimension and Intrigue

Take looks from flat to phenomenal by experimenting with layering techniques that add mesmerizing depth and dimension:

Halo eyes: Rim inner and outer corners with a dark color, leaving center of lid bare.

Smoky ombré: Gradient from lightest at inner corners to darkest at outer corners.

Double winged liner: Trace upper lash lines with two tones.

Chenille layers: Sweep multiple colors from lash line to brow bone for ombre effect.

Multi-chrome spot color: Pat shimmery accent shades across specific points.

The Spaced Palette empowers looks with show-stopping intricacy and light play. Every application reveals new galaxy-inspired effects.

Achieve Both Bold and Wearable Looks

The mix of shades allows both bold stylistic statements for events, as well as soft enhancements for everydaywear.

Amp up the drama for nights out with glossy foiled metallic washes or precise graphic shapes using deeper shades. Contrast with unexpected pops of color.

Keep daytime looks subtle yet still eye-catching. Try soft neutral smoky, flirty pink lacquer, or emerald inner corner accents. Effortlessly transition any look from day to night.

However you imagine making your eyes mesmerizing focal points, the plantbased Spaced Palette's versatile shadows make it achievable with endless possibilities.

Complimentary Palette for All Eye Colors

Carefully calibrated undertones guarantee the Spaced shadows not only impress, but also flatter. The palette flatters all eye colors beautifully.

Cooler undertones like Heart Nebula and Moon Phase accentuate blue and green eyes radiantly. Warm shades like Solar Flare and Mars Dust amplify the richness of brown eyes.

Mixing both cool and warm tones creates dimension that makes hazel and green eyes shine. The combinations are endless for crafting colors that complement your natural eye beauty.

Long-Lasting, Crease and Fade-Resistant

Flawlessly blended eye looks lose their magic when they smudge, transfer or fade away quickly. But Cruz Cosmetics formulas maintain their vivid intensity for up to 10 hours of transfer and crease-free wear.

Proprietary polymers reinforce pigments to resist fading and migration when worn. Emollients bind rich color to lids without slipping into creases or transferring elsewhere.

Once applied, eye looks remain pristine from day to night. No need for constant touchups. The vibrant Spaced shadows stay true so you can set it and forget it.

Made Simple With Step-By-Step Looks

With endless options, where to begin? Don’t be overwhelmed - lean into included tutorial looks to build your application skills and confidence:

Sunset Halo Eye: Warm peach halo with ruby and tangerine ombre outer corners

Lunar Smoky Eye: Cool-toned charcoal grey smoky eye with indigo winged liner

Nova Accents: Natural shimmering rosettes paired with cosmic blue lower lash line

Solar Flare Glam: Gilded bronzed lid with fiery orange inner corner pop

Learn techniques and color combinations that help you master both wearable and show-stopping looks. Then explore mixing and matching shades even further outside the tutorials to create your own celestial-inspired artistry.

Feel Empowered to Explore Creativity

Eyeshadow should elevate self-expression, not constrain it. The Cruz Cosmetics Spaced Palette frees you to explore the farthest frontiers of your eye makeup creativity.

Revel in the freedom of blending ultra-concentrated pigments that perform beautifully. Take pride perfecting both wearable and bold artistic eye looks that highlight your eyes with galactic dimension.

Most importantly, embrace the joy of experimentation as you expand your cosmetic creativity. No look is out of orbit with this stellar palette in hand. Time to make your eyes mesmerizing!


Experience the wonder of infinite eye look possibilities - order the Cruz Cosmetics Spaced Palette today to explore universes of cosmic inspiration through revolutionary texture and harmonious shades. Your most artistic eye looks await!

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